ben edom - acoustic fingerstyle guitarist

Ben Edom is one of the UK's leading Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists (nylon and 7-string) who has developed an infectious and exciting repertoire incorporating a wide spectrum of Celtic, Jazz, Classical, Flamenco and Contemporary music.

Ben's career as an Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist has flourished with tours, concerts and festival appearances each year while fitting in many private, corporate and wedding performances.

'Always finding and developing the mood and essence of a tune, from soulful and ancient Gaelic Airs to the driving rythmns that make guitar mastery a joy to hear, his deep love of music shines through, blending passion, beauty, pride and humour in every note.'
.... Celtic Soul Music

Always exploring new horizons in solo guitar music, Ben is now forging ahead as one of very few 7-string fingerstyle guitarists in the UK combining it's unique sound spectrum with the ever varied voices and character of his 40 year old classical guitar for consistently breathtaking performances of Celtic, Classical, Flamenco, Jazz and Contemporary fingerstyle virtuosity.

'A hugely talented Scottish guitarist and someone who knows his way around a fret board. Edom's got the feel and skill rolling across the dynamic range of the guitar and accentuates with some punchy stuff at the thumb end with some jaw-dropping bends and pull-offs. Edom comes across as a warm and sincere personality who carries a genuine love of this music and a deeply held belief in it's ability to lift the human spirit.'
.... Greenman Review