Khono No. 8 Guitar

My Kohno No. 8 has been with me since 1973 when I bought it with my earnings in my first job after school from a very reputable store in Oxford Street, London. They told me that it had had one careful owner, (Sir) Cliff Richard; but I've never got round to asking the man himself!

This is almost my childhood sweetheart of a guitar and has seen many other guitars (and relationships!) come and go. It has a warm, full sound from the Rosewood and Spruce body, particularly in the bass strings and it has formed much of my technique over the years since I've played almost every style of music on it, classical, flamenco, folk, blues, jazz, even reggae, rock 'n roll, kletzmer and progressive.

I keep the Kohno in standard tuning except for an occasionally piece in drop-D and I've found the strings that best suit the guitar are D'Addario Flamenco composites (Black - normal tension).

You can hear the Kohno on my MP 3 pages, featured on 'Spindrift' tracks 2, 6, 9 and as backing on 13. It gives a real tonal and textural contrast to the ringing sustain of the CS7.