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Duncan Kennedy - Guitar Events at Strathpeffer

This year's series of concerts was kicked off in grand style by Ben Edom, a fingerstyle guitarist from Appin who has been making a great name for himself in recent years, particularly in Celtic circles.

Ben's versatile and seemingly effortless technique was well displayed to a large turnout of enthusiasts in an excellent programme of great variety. He played some slow airs, some toe-tapping reels and jigs, some flamenco and some of his own compositions from his previous and forthcoming CD albums, all of which were performed with great feeling for the music and not mere technical wizardry.

It is said that a performer must project part of himself into the music played, and Ben clearly was at one with the soul of the music. All of the music was thoroughly enjoyed, and a particularly memorable piece was a flamenco rumba called 'Herecia Latina'. Ben's occasional use of an amazing 7-string guitar (it has an extra string in the bass) lent a harmonic depth to many of the tunes which was very noticeable. The overall sound was wonderful, rich and warm without sacrificing clarity.

This was Ben's first appearance at Strathpeffer, and judging by the warmth of his reception I suspect he will be back. We'll look forward to that.

Alex MacKinnon, Ayrshire, Scotland

In Ben Edom, Scotland has produced another superb guitarist of taste and sensitivity. Spindrift is an eclectic and inspiring collection of tunes which obviously reflect a lifetime of experience. Ben deserves to be ranked alongside Tony McManus as one of our premier exponents of the Celtic guitar.

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