Ochoteco CS7 Seven String Guitar 'La Siete'

My big beautiful blonde! Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia) back and sides with an Engleman Spruce top gives this exquisitely finished guitar a balance, subtlety, power and clarity of tone that I find excruciatingly delightful. The neck is solid old-growth mahogany which keeps the sound alive and further enhances the tone, as do the graphite nut and compensated saddle over hand sculpted Brazilian Rosewood bridge which is fitted with a Highlander 1 under-saddle pickup.

I almost always keep the 7th string on low A and the rest in DADGAD, DADF#D, Drop D, double drop D (and sometimes standard!). She’s strung with a custom set of Newtone Masterclass (electro-acoustic) strings of the following guages: .013/ .017/ .024/ .032/ .42/ .056/ .072 They’re beautifully matched strings with a long life and a rich, clear tone that brings out what I want from the instrument.

Playing a seven-string was much more challenging that I expected. I was used to intuitively finding both right and left hand finger positions with reference to the bottom/bass string as well as the top/treble, so adding another string to my field of vision both through my eyes and in my 'inner map' threw out half the references I had build up and absorbed for decades and which had served be well with everything from my Telecaster and SG through steel-strung acoustics and nylon strung classical, flamenco and folk instruments.

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