Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist - Ben Edom
One of the UK's Leading Fingerstyle Musicians

Acoustic Guitar Music on 7-String acoustic guitar -
Scottish, New Celtic, Classical, Jazz, Flamenco & World

acoustic fingerstyle guitar music by Ben Edom, one of Scotland's leading fingerstyle acoustic guitarists, based on the west coast of Scotland, United Kingdom

'Hello, I'm a man who plays acoustic guitar music with a passion but first and foremost I'm a man, a human being - I have feelings the same as you. I've travelled the world and met many different people. I've loved and lost and loved again. Music is my way of expressing the wonders and challenges of life, it's softness and harshness, it's nurture and it's need. I love life and, like any great love, it's not always easy.

I play acoustic fingerstyle guitar music from my heart and that stems from my native roots. It's an exciting blend of Celtic, Classical, Flamenco and Jazz that I call New Celtic because I've absorbed and integrated many musical influences and styles from my experiences and travels around the world, gaining in depth and scope without ever forgetting the beauty, power and mystery of our land and its mythical history. So, listen to the MP3 clips of my acoustic guitar music, find out more about the album 'Spindrift', the acoustic guitars or myself. Use the menu on the left to navigate around the site and find the information you want. Welcome!'

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